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Create an order for any online merchant. Another user will purchase it in exchange for your bitcoins

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How Brawker works

Order anything with bitcoins

Buy bitcoins on Brawker

Select items you want to buy from any online merchant and post the order here, on Brawker.

Ensure the order amount includes any required taxes and shipping charges. Provide complete order details, ensuring your delivery address is correct.

Deposit sufficient bitcoins in your Brawker wallet.

Interested Brawker users will bid for your order. Accept a bid, and negotiate your discount.

When you receive the items and you are fully satisfied, finish the transaction releasing your bitcoins to the buyer.

Select an order, ensuring all important data is included, and bid for it

When the spender accepts your bid, you will have twelve hours to fulfill the order.

Use the message thread to give the spender timely information about the order status, such as shipping and tracking details.

The better your communication, the sooner you’ll get your bitcoins!


If you want to purchase products and services from online retailers, and they don't take bitcoins, Brawker can help. Our
community can put you in touch with users who want to acquire bitcoins and will pay for your order on your behalf.
With Brawker, you may even negotiate a nice discount!


Order anything, from any merchant

Protect your privacy

The buyer and you can negotiate the right discount on anything you order. The discount is essentially the difference between the Bitcoin exchange rate that you will agree upon with the other party and the current market rate.

Anything you can purchase online can be ordered on Brawker in exchange for bitcoins. Furniture, clothes, gift cards; even your morning coffee!

Amazon Wish Lists protect you from disclosing personal information. Wish lists give you the ability to post and receive physical goods while keeping your delivery address private.

Buy bitcoins. Pay with your credit card or paypal

Would you like to get bitcoins and pay with your credit card? Brawker can help you by putting you in touch with bitcoin owners willing to trade their bitcoins for online products or services they want. You purchase items on their behalf, pay with your credit card and get their bitcoins in return.

Buy with Credit card or Paypal

Unlimited buying!

Keep it private

Brawker users who want to buy items online in exchange for bitcoins, can post their orders on Brawker. You may select any order and purchase it on the bitcoin owner's behalf. You pay with your credit card and get bitcoins in return.

Get as many bitcoins as you want by fulfilling orders. The faster you successfully complete an order, the faster you’ll get the bitcoins. It’s quite simple!

It is easy to obtain bitcoins without giving out all your banking information. With a Brawker account you can obtain bitcoins by fulfilling orders. This way you will keep your information private.

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